Goddess Slots iPhone Review

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The digital slot machine is not a new concept and has been around for a while now. What has changed is the themes and the way the game of slots is now played. The classic rule still applies, line up the symbols in order to win a prize. For this, it’s usually just you and the machine. Goddess Slots – Online Multiplayer by Nurigames wants you to forget what you know about playing slots and compete with users around the world!

Goddess Slots is an online slot competition with a twist. Here is the app’s full description:

A new concept of slots that will satisfy players from all around the world!Goddess Slots  image 2
The one and only choice for VIP Slots Mania, with easy play whenever by whomever.

■ Newly renewed Goddess slot!
– Lobby screen has been renewed.

■ Quest mode has been added.
– Conduct the missions to win honor points.
– Rank can be received according to points won.

■ Richer game contents!
– Attach the gold layer to win coin.
– A bonus game appears whenever 5 tower floors are removed.
– Mini games can be played with the amount won.

■ Daily bonus has been added.
– Win more benefits.

■ Upgraded casino slots and a new gaming concept brought together! Break Tower!
– Attack the towers, the shared target of the players, to win additional game money!
– Join hands with other players to demolish the towers the heathen build to challenge the gods, and win bonuses in the process!

■ Your other self! Bring up your character and upgrade your skills for increased chances of scoring high!

■ Cooperation v. Competition! The choice is up to you. Come out on top at the end of battle!

■ No time to be bored! A variety of contents added
– Bonus game money won every 2 hours
– A wide variety of time quests, with rewards every time you finish a quest!!

■ An upgraded chatting system allows players to chat among themselves.
Use a variety of macro-type expressions to converse with people from all around the world.

■ Seamless 3G and Wi-Fi network support! Enjoy in any and all online environments.

■ 100% Free!!

No more boring slot games where all you do is press a button! Intelligent play! The last survivor is the one who takes chances.
Here’s to your winning today’s jackpot… Go Goddess Slots Go!

In the Goddess Slots app, you can begin by logging in with a Facebook account or signing in as a guest. There are two ways to play, online against other players in Tower Raid or single mode in Tales of Grace. The single player mode is pretty straight forward. Options for changing bet amount and enabling auto spin are there. There are different quest levels that must be achieved to continue, this means completing an assigned task, like play five times using auto spin. It’s a fun, basic slot game.

Tower Raid, the app’s online version is much different. You enter a room with the slot. Players are stacked to the left in a ranking order beside a tower being built level by level. Play the slot as normal by spinning and upping your bet. As you succeed and progress you move up in rank and also attack the tower. Win extra bonuses as you bring the tower down. There are quests to be completed here as well and bigger gambles can be made with side games like betting on red or black. Coins are awarded every two hours but there is always the option to buy more with the in-app purchase.

Goddess Slots brings a fresh approach to the digital slot machine. It’s new competitive format is sure to bring hours of fun. Goddess Slots is available now in the App Store for free and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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