Google Releases iOS YouTube App

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Hours away from a new iPhone and iOS release, a new YouTube app showed up in Apple’s App Store today. This one shined up by Google.

Since the announcement of the original YouTube app’s removal from iOS 6, there have been questions on whether Google would replace it. Then out of the blue, one shows up.

The good news for iPhone fans is that Google is still keeping them in mind, and it looks like they’ve made some vast improvements on the dusty old Apple made app.

YouTube is now more like the Android version, with similar functionality. Channels can be easily viewed by swiping left, searching has predictive results and there’s full access to VEVO’s music video library. Video streaming will now adapt to your iPhone’s signal strength, keeping buffering to a minimum. And finally, you can now share your favorite videos directly from the app to Facebook, Twitter, iMessage and even Google+.

All of this is a great start and with it, hopes for an iPad compatible version to come.

What do you think of this newly revamped YouTube app? Let us know in the comments below.




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