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So social media is ruling the world. Now I am not sure that I need yet another app that lets me post and invite friends to, but I am always at least curious enough to check another one out. You never know if it could be the next big thing. What I am interested in is sharing but with more control of my privacy. Sharing with those I only want to share with and no one else. That is where Goze comes in.

Goze by goze LLC, has created an app to store, share and collaborate on events and memories with more control and flexibility. Here is the apps full description:

Goze is a place to create, collaborate on, and share an interactive record of your life.goze image 2

Collaborate on events with all the fun people who came along as participants by adding photos, video and details to make it sound way more epic than it actually was.

Share it with all your other contacts – or don’t. Privacy is completely up to you! Goze offers three levels of privacy, based on each event preference.

Check out the Friends and World Newsfeeds to see what other cool stuff they are up to – holidays, first day of school, performances, trips… it’s all welcome on goze (except for a few creepy exceptions).

Timeline your fabulous life and the life of your kids in a sequential timeline that is far prettier and user-friendly than your high school yearbook ever hoped to be!

First, Goze opens to a beautiful moving image of paper lanterns flying up into the sky. Here you can sign in or create an account. Facebook or Google sign-ins are available, as are manual profiles you can create with your email address. Goze then brings you to a profile screen where you can see your published events and drafts – which is a feature coming soon. A discover section at the bottom will take you to the feeds of those you are following and public posts. All these things are pretty standard for an app like this but I will say it looks great and the format is familiar so everything is easy to find.

What sets Goze apart is the way posts are made. Go to the plus sign to add and start by naming your event. You can enter the location as well as the date it took place and set a type, like birthday or milestone. Now you can add contributors, anyone who was at the event with you that would have their own media to add to the collaboration as well as want to see yours. These contributors will have to be members of Goze to participate of course. After you have set these parameters you want to set your privacy. You can turn on and off Followers, Everyone or both groups if you like. Now add comments, photos and videos. With contributors adding to your event you get more perspectives and an interactive way to share with those you want.

For obvious reasons Goze is a great tool to reign in the privacy and directly share with friends and family. What I didn’t expect was the other uses it had. Browsing other profiles I saw work events collaborated on by fellow co-workers and even business posts that promoted products by sharing of testimonials. This could be great on a number of levels.

Goze has a great idea with this app and it is beautifully and simply executed. Invite your friends and start working on memories together! Goze is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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