Greedy Bankers iPhone Review

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Greedy Bankers - Alistair AitchesonThe global financial crisis is still in full swing, and bankers the world over have rightly got the blame for it, but if you are tired of seeing bankers derided as hate figures, then maybe Greedy Bankers is the game for you, for in this game, you are a banker.

Greedy Bankers is an action puzzle game where the aim is to accrue as much cash as possible.

You do this by tapping coloured gems laid out on a 2D grid. Tapping a gem explodes it, earning you the minimum amount of cash, but each gem can be dragged around empty spaces on the board, and combining gems of the same colour in either a square or rectangle creates giant gems, and tapping these increases the cash earned exponentially.

Simply put, the bigger the gem, the greater the reward.

Each level has a short time limit, and you must reach the required level of money before the time runs out, or its game over.

This seems very simple at first, with low target in the early levels achievable by simply tapping all the small gems, but believe me, this doesn’t last long.

As the target gets higher, you have to create big gems in order to proceed, and things get pretty manic. Shifting gems around as more fall on the playing area, getting in your way is great fun. It is often easy to get stuck just as you are going to build a gigantic gem, but its a good tip to just clear smaller gems by tapping them as opposed to sliding them around.

Things are complicated by falling rubble, which takes up a space on the board and can only be cleared by taking out a large adjacent gem, and also by robbers who will run around the board for a set time, stealing your gems.

The robbers are a great idea, as they really change the tactics you use, and you will have to multitask building gems and tapping the smaller ones away from the robber.

The graphics are really good, with plenty of life to the boards, with the gems always moving and a lovely cartoon sheen to every thing. It’s nice to see some effort go into the graphic side of a puzzle game for a change. Sound is equally good with a catchy jazz soundtrack and decent spot effects.

Overall, from the menus to the actual gameplay, presentation is top notch.

The game keeps a record of your score, but no Game Center leaderboards or achievements is a shame.

The gameplay is great, but I really wish there were more modes. Maybe a less manic ‘puzzle’ mode with set challenges, or even a ‘robber’ mode where you always have a robber on screen. An endless single level mode, that saved your progress would also be a good addition, as having to restart the included score attack mode whenever you die son becomes a chore.

That’s really the only complaint; lack of content. A couple of extra modes and leaderboards and I could recommend this even higher.

Great gameplay, with an addictive core, Greedy Bankers is one of the better puzzle games in the App Store. Despite a lack of modes, this attractive and original game will keep you occupied while the real Greedy Bankers are out there making far more money than the characters in this gem of a game.


Greedy Bankers - Alistair Aitcheson


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