Hammie World iPhone Review

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Hammie World, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a mildly diverting casual game that, while not doing anything particularly original is still engaging enough to hold your attention for a few hours. The game is all about hamsters, and tasks you with guiding the furry critters through a typical endless climber.

That might not be completely fair, however, as while the game still involves you moving vertically through familiar stages, the way you move is actually pretty neat. Tapping and holding the screen will allow you to choose the power of each jump, with just the right amount needed for every leap, to ensure that you either don’t overshoot at the top or use too little power and end up dying at the bottom. It may not sound like much, but it does make the game a little more fun and challenging than the average vertical climber.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Jump and jump! let your jumpy pet exercise more to burn that extra fat without losing the cuteness in them!

This is a simple jumping game but with a modern twist of challenge. Be warned of a sudden drop of your little pet, which will lead to fatality that you would definitely want to avoid. And most importantly, be warned that this game is highly addictive and satisfying.

You definitely can’t wait to share this cute little creature with your family and friends for sure!

There are a variety of different hamsters to unlock, with coins you find from playing the game, which does give the title some replay value, as do the very welcome leaderboards. The graphics are very cute, and the whole thing runs pretty well, with no problems during my time with the game.

I really think this game could benefit from some additional play modes and stages, even just some extra backgrounds. The game is completely free, although there are some ads to be found here.

Overall, the game is a very decent free vertical climber with an interesting jump mechanic and some well crafted characters. While I do hope that more content is planned, what is here will keep casual players entertained for a few hours.


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