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There is more than a fair share of social media apps in the App Store. With some of the older apps struggling to stay fresh, new ones are beginning to fill in their inadequacies. Happin: Local Events & Friends wants to connect users to hang out with old friends, and discover new ones, based on their interests. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Find things to do with new or old friends! Happin is a social network connecting people through everyday activities, events, and experiences. Check your Happin feed to see what your friends are up to or what your favorite influencers are doing.

• Going on a hike or to a festival? Share a post so people can start a group and meet up
• Have your own event idea? Create your custom event and send invitations to friends
• Finding something to do or making weekend plans? Explore your feed and say “I’m in!”

Automatically create hangout groups help you connect and coordinate with other users. Quickly figure out where or when you’ll meet up without sending individual DMs.

Our vision is “Deep connections with like-minded people through experience.” We believe in connecting people from shared experiences instead of worrying about perfect-looking pictures and videos.

Happin prioritizes your safety! Check for verified users and see how many hangouts they’ve attended.

Try out the social network that is all about making new friends and life long connections!

Happin wants to be is THE app for hanging out. Happin connects users through events and activities. Instead of posting an everyday status, members post what they are up to and where they are going. The public events can then be found by friends and users with like interests who can plan to join.

To get started, Happin asks for location access for the app and a confirmation of a phone number. The year of birth is requested so age-appropriate events can be suggested. Then complete the profile with a nickname and gender, which includes a non-binary option. Add a profile picture and five emojis that best fit, along with language preference and hangout types. Once setup, choose to sync contacts to find friends already on the platform and invite those that aren’t. Create new hangouts or join ones already made, then post all about it when the event is over.

Happin acts more like a social media calendar than a feed. It is a place where users can easily create group outings with existing friends or attract new like-minded ones. The app includes everything needed to get the crew together for a hangout. Planning, advertising, and even a built-in messenger to keep everyone updated. Safety is also at the app’s forefront as it uses ID and photo verification as well as social proof to ensure users are really who they claim to be. For strangers to join a group, three of the current members’ friends must approve them. Filters such as age and gender can be added to limit who and what can be seen as well. In-person and virtual hangouts can be created with included “purpose tags” such as “Friends Only” to communicate what the group is looking for.

The Happin app looks very slick. It is well designed with bright colors and navigation that flows. Discovering events is easy and profiles of members can be quickly swiped through to discover active people and their hangouts. I was able to create my own events complete with photos, info, links, and invites to friends. Adding hangouts upped my “vibe” score which says will make me more popular on the app. I am guessing this will suggest my hangouts more to others. As with a lot of new social media apps, there isn’t a huge amount of users from what I can tell, but since it is using my location, it may just be less used in my area. There were plenty of events to choose from and I could see this being very useful for not only groups of friends, but entrepreneurs looking to connect and advertise their events as well. One thing I really love that sets it apart is the app’s focus on keeping everyone safe. Though social media is a great way to make friends, it is a dangerous world and these measures give me some peace of mind.

All in all, Happin is definitely targeting a specific use, but for social users wanting to coordinate that big in-person hang, or even a virtual one, Happin makes it easy to make that happen. The app is currently available for free in the App Store. Android users can also find it on Google Play.


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