Happy Sheep iPhone Review

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Happy Sheep - Ivan Vasilyev
Happy Sheep for iPhone is a decent puzzle game that most certainly is only for experienced fans of arcade puzzle games. It is based on a pretty simple concept, but the actual game is complicated for people who are not too good at multitasking under pressure.

Still, this is a good game, with a nice graphical style and plenty of content.

The basic idea is to try and guide sheep into matching, like coloured baskets. The sheep fall from the top of the screen, onto a series of conveyor belts, and it is up to you to sort them into the right basket. You do this by moving the baskets along the bottom of the screen, although you are limited by their placements, and by changing the direction of the conveyor belts.

This is a lot tougher than it sounds, especially when you can have sheep that need to be in different baskets on the same conveyor. Which way do you go?

The whole game has a lovely woolly look to it that is really distinctive.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s main features:


Happy Sheep tests your concentration and reflexes. It’s up to you to order incoming sheep by color into their respective baskets without missing a beat! Sheep fall onto various arrays of conveyer belts – with a different challenging array showcased in each level!

You need to guide where each sheep goes by changing the direction belts turn at just the right time! Don’t forget to tap and move baskets around to get them in the right spots to catch the right sheep!

There’s a twist though – the further you play the tougher it’ll get to juggle, shuffle, and successfully put away all the sheep coming your way! They’ll come in faster and faster too.

● Full Game Center integration for access to world leaderboards!

● 30 unlockable achievements to keep you motivated to play & win!

● Intuitive multi-touch controls provides dynamic gameplay!

● A powerful physics engine in combination with original in-game music helps you to get much more fun from playing.

● Vibrantly colorful cartoon graphics with elements of surrealism!

● A fun cultural education twist – you’ll use the sheep you collect to weave together cool iconic worldly clothing!

● Support for five global languages!

The game is a good one, although I will say that it may be just a bit too complex for younger players. For older players and experienced puzzle fans, this is a fun little game with a great graphical style that is well worth a look.

Happy Sheep - Ivan Vasilyev


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