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Happyning is a brand new app from developer Iterate. Happyning is a social networking app, but one that approaches social networking from a different angle than apps usually do, with more of a here and now approach than what users may be used to, but I think this can be a good thing.

Happyning essentially asks you to anonymously join in on conversations and events with others in a non-committal fashion. The fact that you don’t really have a traditional user profile may seem strange but to many this will actually be a liberating thing, and something that really sets it apart from other apps.

The app is very much focussed on local community, with the ability to share text, images and your location within a 1 mile radius. This keeps things local but also adds a fluidity missing in many of the bigger apps.

Hashtags are what the app is based around, with the ability to search and create tags very much at the heart of what the app is trying to do, with the emphasis on building mini-conversations and gatherings called ‘happynings’ around a few select hashtags.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:happyning

Crowd Sharing
-Millions of users sharing personal recommendations in a localized fashion

True Hashtag Aggregation
-Hashtags now have purpose. All ‘happynings’ are associated with a hashtag. Create, share, make it trend.

Geo-Location Tagging
-Location sharing is not just a Drop-Pin anymore–it’s a destination.

-No user profile required. No hidden agenda. Just download, discover, play, share, and bail.

Post Expire in 2-Hours
-It’s non-committal. Rock the post. Create, share, contribute to everything.

Localized Content
-Trending real-time content within a 1 mile radius of current location.

The actual app itself is a breeze to set up and use, with a very attractive and intuitive interface that will be instantly familiar to iOS users. The use of hashtags is intelligently implemented, in a way that they are front and centre, but not too ‘in your face’. They feel very natural to find and use, which is a good thing as they are the bedrock of the app.

Overall, if you are looking for a social app that is focussed on local conversations and happenings, with fewer restrictions than you find elsewhere, then you should seriously consider grabbing Happyning right now.


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