Highway Madness iPhone Review

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Highway Madness - Pezzini GamesSometimes, with all this talk of things like the Unreal Engine being used in iPhone games and MMO style titles appearing, its hard to remember where mobile gaming came from.

It came from simple, easy to play games such as Snake. Easy to pick up, its learned in an instant yet still drags you back for more.

Highway Madness is cut from the same cloth. It’s simple, difficult, yet pretty fun.

The game puts you in control of a white sports car, out on a highway with traffic to dodge.

Swiping up or down moves the car in the required direction, making it hop between the four lanes. Cars, trucks and many other obstacles are coming at you from the left of the screen, and the aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible.

There is a timer on screen, and really the main(and only) point of the game is to try to beat your own score. The game only keeps a record of your best score, so no online leaderboards or anything like that, which isn’t really a problem, but a more involved local leaderboard could really help.

Your best five times, along with the date you achieved them, would really be great, but as it stands only one score is recorded.

The graphics are fairly ok, with big sprites and a nice scrolling background, but the music is great, with a pumping soundtrack that is really quite impressive.

Most play sessions will only last for 30 seconds or less, but as with big hit The Helicopter Game you will find yourself playing the game twenty or thirty times in one session. Just to increase your own score by one second!

The back to basics approach is refreshing, but those looking for an in depth game experience should really look somewhere else. Those of you who don’t care for online scores or anything like that, and just want a game to play for literally a few seconds at a time, will find something to like here.

For the price, this is a strangely compelling, if limited, experience.



Highway Madness - Pezzini Games


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  1. Mynamewasjim on

    Downloaded this game myself.. All I can say is what an addictive game! I find myself going back again and again to try and best my score. Brilliantly simple game, well worth the cheap price!

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