Hill Bill iPhone Review

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Hill Bill is a motorbike trick game with bags of character, plenty of tricks and some outlandish courses, but is it any good? We have seen a lot of these kind of games, so we may be a bit jaded when it comes to them, but we actually really liked Hill Bill.

The game is quite attractive, with clean cartoony looks, and plenty of destructable physics. The sound is good, especially the quotres from the hilllbilly character, which did make us chuckle once or twice.

Hill Bill also plays really well, with just the right amount of gravity and momentum combining with the ability to do some silly tricks meaning that this is a game that instantly feels playable, even on the touch screen iPhone. The game can occasionally get frustrating, as even the slightest touch or knock on the wrong obstacle can ruin your game.

Here, straight from the developers, are the app’s best features:

JUMP RILL GOODscreen568x568 (6)
Perform Death-defying jumps over junk, rusted cars, air planes, circus animals, and canyons and more.

Make the crowd go wild with over a dozen tricks both on the ground and in the air, including wheelies, back flips, super mans and more.

Explore Bill’s Backyard, The Swamp, a Mud Rally, a Race Track, The Circus, and The Grand Canyon

Earn Star Spangled Bucks to purchase cool bikes and outfits.

New additional worlds, levels, bikes and outfits in development and coming soon… at no additional charge!

Now, the really great thing about Hill Bill is that, after you have paid for the game, there are absolutely no IAPs, which means you get everything included for the initial fee. This is becoming more and more of a rarity on iOS, so it should be applauded when it does happen.

The situations and levels are really enjoyable. One minute you are driving about in the usual levels, and the next you are flying through burning rings in a circus tent, and you will eventually find yourself trying to jump the mighty Grand Canyon.

I enjoyed my time with Hill Bill, and I am looking forward to the new levels and features that are coming soon. It isn’t perfect, as it can be frustrating, but the mixture of stunts, fun and comedy is a good one.



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