Homeless: Life Simulator iPhone Review

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I like these kinds of games on mobile, as they feel right for the platform. Choice based, with a menu driven interface and plenty of options with a smattering of humour. Homeless: Life Simulator allows you to take a homeless person away from the trash cans and into the business sector, turning a tramp into a Trump.

The game plays a little like a mix between a Tamogatchi title and something like New Star Soccer, where you have to keep your homeless person fed and happy, while completing tasks that raise your level and unlock more things to do. You can literally take a homeless person and turn them into the President of the country, with a bit of work.

The game is all menu based, which may put off same players, but I would still recommend that you give it a try, as the menu system suits the format perfectly and you can keep a track of things far easier with unnecessary graphical distractions.screen568x568 (1)

The look is clean and well done and works well, and the occasional graphic is always decent looking.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Over 150 different actions!
Over 50 different events and items!
New gifts and bonuses every day!
Opportunity to continue the game even if your hero is dead, without point or day loss!
World scores and lifetime rankings!

Getting your character to the point where he is rich and powerful is difficult, but extremely satisfying. Once you have got him to where you want him to be, you can always start again and try to take a different path to see if you missed anything.

You can even end up sending him into space, so there is plenty to find and do here, and the game has a real sense of humour that keeps you going, especially with some of the silly tasks and rewards. Homeless: Life Simulator is both compulsive and rewarding, and for once, you don’t need to buy things with IAPs to progress: for your initial purchase you get everything you need to complete the game. There is even a casino mini game to master.

Overall, this is a very addictive game that will provide you with many hours of both laughs and compulsive gameplay.


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