HORN on Sale for a Limited Time

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Horn™ - ZyngaLook out new iPhone owners, the popular action/adventure game from Phosphor Games, HORN, is now on sale for a mere $2.99! That’s down from its original price of $6.99. It’s also had a nice update with some new features:

– Lots of big and small bugs fixed!
– Checkpoints now in every area so progression is saved very frequently
– Updated combat input mechanic to be more responsive to dodges.
– Increased general camera movement speed.
– Rebalanced and fixed bugs in Challenge mode.
– Many collision issues have been addressed
– Added a seed for players to purchase to skip missions that they find too difficult.
– Now all 11 languages are supported, including Russian.
– Updated localization for all languages
– iOS 6 is supported

HORN has earned critical acclaim for its imaginative storyline and beautiful environments. It’s the console like game yet not on a console. (And better yet, not at the console game price.) Now at $2.99, there’s no reason not to grab it. Though you better do it quick, the sale only lasts until September 27th.

Horn™ - Zynga



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