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HuddleUp, available for iPhone and iPad through the iTunes App Store, is a brand new approach to completing homework in a uniquely social way that really utilises the connected side of iOS. Most kids don’t truly do their homework alone, as they are always sharing notes and getting help from friends, and a social circle always has certain friends who are better at different aspects of schoolwork. There is always the ‘go to’ guy for mathematics, for example.

Now, with HuddleUp, these social circles can come together in a structured way to help one another improve and to also get homework completed to a higher standard, while still learning the subjects in question.

The app allows you to communicate with your friends in a chat-style environment that is inspired by American Football. A QB can create a ‘huddle’, and can add or remove friends from that huddle, in which he or she can also control the questions asked. Friends can attempt to answer the questions or simply get the answers they also need. A QB is in complete control of a huddle, and can even remove people if the need requires, so if someone is being disruptive they can be kicked with the tap of a button.huddleupios

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

Huddle with your friends to complete homework and other assignments faster. Huddles are comprised of two parts, a shared answer key and a group chat. Fill out the answer key together, while discussing and learning in the group chat. When the assignment is complete, break the huddle. The chat is permanently deleted and each user receives a digital copy of the latest answer key.

The great thing about HuddleUp is that, although it was clearly designed with homework in  mind, you can actually use it to get help with any assignment or project, and use it to team up with colleagues to share knowledge. This app could be massive for small projects and companies, as it helps to streamline things in an intelligent way, with an excellent and easy to use chat interface that anybody can get to grips with.

HuddleUp is a superb tool to help groups get homework and assignments completed is a social way that is as intuitive as it is full of features, like the excellent idea of each member of a huddle getting a digital copy of the results at the end.

For students, this could be a lifesaver, and comes highly recommended.


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