Hypnotic Sleephour iPhone Review

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Hypnotic Sleephour - SiynAppsWe recently reviewed this developer’s last app, The Feel Good App, and came away suitably impressed, scoring the app a decent 70%. This next one is Hypnotic Sleephour, an app that aims to help you sleep by creating an ambient mood for an hour as you try to go to sleep.

This new app is very similar to the old one, although it obviously has a different aim, but in terms of user interface and general look and feel, it is very close to the last app. So, I have decided that the best thing to do is to include a large portion of the previous review here:


“…what is here is pretty good. Images are displayed in a slideshow, with words of advice displayed on screen, along with softly spoken words. A soothing soundtrack plays in the

 background, and you have the ability to swipe left and right  to either skip to the next image or to display the previous one. You can pause the slideshow, but this also pauses the music. I couldn’t find a way to just pause the slideshow so you can keep one image onscreen with the music continuing, but I may just have missed the option.

The app is a free download, and you get a sample package along with the download. There is a built in store where you can purchase many different packs, but I have to say there are plenty to download for free as well, meaning that you never really have to spend any money unless you really want a particular set. The app is ad supported, but you can pay to have these switched off, an option I wish more developers would take advantage of. I really liked the little animations when you download some extra content.

All the images are of a high quality, and there is a big variety of them, and you can also choose which packs to have displayed when, meaning that variety is never going to be a problem. You can even save some scenes as favourites, and can access them at any time with a nifty swipe up on the touchscreen during a slideshow.

You can share scenes with friends on both Twitter, Facebook and Email, and can even edit the message that is going to be uploaded to your social networking profile. The different sounds in the app can be adjusted individually, and there are plenty of options for the visual slideshow. The music for the app can run in the background when you leave, which is a nice touch.”


Now, obviously not everything in that applies, for example this is a paid app, but you get the general jist, which is nearly identical to this app. Now, the aim of this app is to help you sleep, so I actually tried this out a couple of times, and it did seem to help me get in the right frame of mind for sleep, so it surprisingly seems to work.

So, it did work for me, but I can’t honestly say that it will work for everybody, which is always the problem with this kind of thing. That is hardly the developer’s fault, and I have to say that the app does achieve what it sets out to do, and the same solid fashion as the previous app.

Overall, this is another decent app from SiynApps, and again, if you are looking for an app like this, then I would suggest you look no further.

Hypnotic Sleephour - SiynApps


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