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I am a Hero, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is an interesting game for iOS. A 3D arena battler, this third person game has bags of potential and is very polished, but it needs more players.

Each fight takes place in a small arena, with the action viewed from a third person perspective. Virtual controls allow you to steer your character around, with the ability to block, dodge and perform different attacks all intelligently assigned, with even the slightly more complicated manuevers intuitive to pull off. The game plays like a small-scale combat version of Dark Souls, stripped down to the basics, and it manages to do this really well, especially considering the limitations of the touch screen.


The game has many RPG elements, as you can build your character up to play the way you want him to. Weapons, armour and more can be earned and used to fit out your trusty avatar, with each weapon feeling unique to play with. Some weapons have greater reach, but are slow to use, with others faster and able to spam attacks, but at the cost of attack power. It works really well, and after some time with the game I had enough gear to be ready for some multiplayer.

The single player mode is essentially the multiplayer but with bots and objectives, such as working as a team or collecting a certain amount of coins. These matches are fairly good, and the bots have some challenging AI, especially as you move up a few levels, and the whole mode feels pretty good but is essentially just a way of levelling up, practising and earning gear for the real game: the multiplayer.

Now this is where I have a problem as I just could not find a game during my review time, which I even extended to keep trying, and I even tried various regions in order to get a game. It is such a shame as there seems to be plenty to look forward to here, with the potential for team deathmatches an exciting prospect.

I really hope the developer has some success in convincing people to sign up, as the combat here is easily the most fluid and interesting of any game of this type on the App Store. It seems to move at 60 fps, has plenty of options mid-fight and manages to overcome the handicap of the touchscreen well.

The game is free, so I would still recommend this as a decent RPG arena combat game, and hopefully there will soon be a few more players to go online against in the lobbies, as this has the potential to be great.


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