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The I-Am Dating app, available for Android through the Google Play Store, and also on iPhone via iTunes lets you search for other single people in your area. Simply upload a photo fill in the very simple information about yourself and you are ready to go. No costs, no ads.

You can meet people, not just at home but anywhere you go such as the gym or nightclub. There are so many different parts of this app. There is the wall which is a bit like a timeline that shows events, photos and update your status.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s main features:mzl.mwnyykdn.320x480-75

FLIGHTS is a feature that provides you with an opportunity to go on a virtual travel anywhere (whether it is an adjacent courtyard, a local club or a city a thousand kilometres away from you or even in a different country) to see who is there now, get to know and socialize with them.

INTERESTS – you can find people by interests.
Cars, music, sports, entertainment… Add your interests and communicate with people of your own choice!
More interests results into extra occasions for communication!

SHARING – share the profile of a user that you liked (or who surprised you) with your friends.
Be generous and boast of fun people before your friends – share their profiles in social networks or send a personal link via an SMS.

CHAT is convenient and speedy, enabling you to exchange photos, images, gifts, and share your location (it is so much easier to indicate a point on the map and provide directions to reach it than to explain where you are now)

CIRCLES is a feature that enables you to add the users you like to your circles as it pleases you and create new circles.

PROFILE – all you need to enable other people to start adding you is filling in basic information for an easy registration and uploading your most stunning photo.

NEARBY – look who is around at the moment.
Activate filter and communicate only with the users that you take an interest in.

Then there is the ‘like’ section where people can like your photos. ‘Interests’ is a good section, as you can find people by what your interests are so if you are into rock music, for example, then you can find someone who also likes listening to rock. You can also find someone who is nearby and maybe even invite them out, or to come over for a coffee to get know each other. This app is very slick, the design is really nice and the best thing about this app is that it’s free.

So no more paying for costly dating sites.

I think this is an essential app for anyone looking for love, or maybe some company and who knows what might even be just around the corner?

The I-Am Dating app is well worth a look for those looking for love.

You can get more information about the app on this Facebook community and the Website.

Get it on Google Play


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