I AM That I Am iPhone Review

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I AM That I AM - Awaken My LifeWhen my editor sent me this app to review a few days ago, I was worried. I usually hate this kind of wishy-washy app, with ‘new age’ vibes, but I came away from my time with I AM That I Am pleasantly surprised. I guess it goes to show that you should never judge a book by its cover, or in this case; an app by its App Store description.

I AM That I Am is an app that records the positive things that happen to you, or ‘affirmations’. You record these, from a choice of six categories, with the app’s built-in voice recorder, and you can then preview or play back the recordings at a later date.

The idea is, when you listen to these recordings afterwards, you become more motivated and happier. The crazy thing is, it actually seems to work. The catch is, you really have to buy into doing proper recordings, as when you do, the results can be surprisingly good.

Here is some info from the developer about the app:

Get Motivated NOW! The only app that records your affirmations.

New Thoughts, New LIFE!

Did you know that messages to your mind are much more powerful when you hear your own voice as oppose to other people telling you how amazing you are? Easily record your affirmations about who you want to become and generate the POSITIVE FEELINGS TO TAKE ACTION. GET IN THAT MENTAL STATE YOU DESIRE NOW!

Record six I AM Affirmations given in each category and play them back to you, while listening to music and brainwave frequency tones to induce relaxation, visualizations, and dreamlike states. Create your own subliminal messages to help you ATTRACT THE OPPORTUNITIES YOU DESIRE.

“I AM grateful for this job”
“I AM successful”
“I AM happy to be in this relationship”
“I AM ready to accept the opportunities that come my way”

With I AM That I AM you can:

Thousands of people suffer in one of these categories. Select a category and read the six I AM affirmations out loud.

Record your voice as you read the affirmations in that category. You can preview your message before recording the next affirmation.I AM App iPhone

★CUSTOMIZE your I AM affirmations…
Select the CUSTOM category and record your own affirmations about yourself. Tell yourself how amazing you really are!

★PLAYBACK the Recordings…
All of the recordings from the recording session can be playback to you in the play page. The messages are looped and can also be playback in ECHO effect. (Use headphones for best results)

You can select background music while listening to your affirmations.

Binaural beats to induce mental states based on your mood.
If you are relaxed, play the MEDITATION frequency – LOW ALPHA 8 Hz
If you are going to sleep, play the SLEEP frequency – DELTA 2.5 Hz
If you need to concentrate on an activity, play the WAKEFULNESS frequency – BETA 20 Hz

★RENAME your I AMs…
The I AM recordings can be renamed. Make this app personal!



★Things you are GRATEFUL for…

★Assist in Overcoming Addictions…

★Remember Notes or Things to Do…

There are endless ways to use this app. Be creative and have fun!

★Great for people who…
..Are seeking HAPPINESS.
..Looking for alternative ways to improve themselves and the quality of their life.
..Understand the LAW OF ATTRACTION.
..Enjoy meditation as a lifestyle.

Overall, I was quietly impressed with this app. It worked for me, even though I didn’t expect it to, and the whole thing is presented nicely, with a usable interface and attractive presentation. Give it a whirl.
I AM That I AM - Awaken My Life


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