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iBouquiniste, available for iPhone (version reviewed) and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, and also for OS X in the Mac App Store, is an excellent e-book reader that does just about everything you could want it to do, all with a decent level of class and polish.

The app is available in two forms, a free, ‘lite’ version and the fully featured $4.99 offering, which is what we have reviewed here. It may be worth checking out the free version to see it if fits your needs, but I would actually recommend just diving in and getting the paid version straight away, as it is an excellent app.

The app does everything you have ever wanted an e-book reader to do. To be perfectly honest, the main thing that runs through my mind when using the app is; why can’t Kindle be more like this? How can a small developer get so much right when a massive company like Amazon can’t produce an app that even gets close to this?ebook

Here, straight from the developer, are the best features of the app:

* Supports notes
* Send books by email
* Unique Author Library (each author on their own bookshelf)
* View most recently opened books in the order you opened them
* Real page numbers
* Adjustable fonts, spacing, margins, book paper and more
* Download books via iTunes or any app supporting file transfer (i.e. Mail or Safari)
* OPDS catalogs support
* iBouquiniste Cloud Storage for synchronisation (books, reading positions, citations and bookmarks)

It would be very easy for me to run you through that list of features above, but the best way to describe the app is that is actually feels like I always wanted e-book readers to feel, which is like reading an actual book but with the added features the digital format brings.

The ability to control things like margins, fonts and even the paper type are all welcome features, as is the stellar FB2 support, which is, as far as I am concerned, the only way to read on an e-book app. I know many people stick with services like Kindle because of the cloud options, but this also has cloud storage for bookmarks and the like, and this is included with the initial price of the app, and works very well when I used different devices to continue my read.

Overall, I can’t recommend this enough. Probably the most authentic e-book reading experience you can get on a smartphone, iBouquiniste is deserving of the highest score we have given out in a long time here at The Smartphone App Review.


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