Idyllic! iPhone Review

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“It has been 15 years since you were sent out to the distant galaxy to undergo the most dangerous training all Sun followers must undertake. Upon your return you find your world in pain, despair and

Idyllic! - FatCow Games


You have no time to waste as darkness itself chases you before you use your powers to defeat them, can you make it in time or will you be consumed by evil? Only you are left to save your world from total annihilation. Heal what you can while avoiding the evil forces.


Idyllic! from FatCow Games is a jumping platformer game where the user must accurately navigate the hero by landing on islands from left to right rather than continuously upward. Unlike most jumping games, Idyllic! includes a back story for your hero with a major task to complete – heal your world from the dark forces consuming the it. As you jump from segment to segment the land changes from dark and gloomy to revived and fruitful. There are enemies along the way including flying sculls and very intimidating one eyed creatures.

The gameplay for Idyllic! is fairly simple, just tilt the phone to the right to determine how far your hero will jump. There are also two buttons in the bottom corners to assist you with your journey. One enables your hero to fly in case you come up a bit short on your jump to the next platform, but it is only for a short time. The second is an attack feature that will propel the character forcefully down to injure enemies. Both of these abilities can be upgraded at checkpoints in the game. Of course to upgrade these features you must collect coins along the way to pay for them. The graphics are very detailed for a simple game like this. The changes from dark to light atmospheres keeps the game interesting with plenty to look at. The music also keeps the user engaged as it changes while the hero is healing the world.

Idyllic! definitely adds more purpose for the pick-up and play genre, but there are some drawbacks. As simple as the controls are, they can be a bit less than accurate. It was very difficult to get the hang of at first, and even the slightest tilt sometimes catapulted the character much farther than I was aiming. There are also no sensitivity settings to adjust this so the gamer can only play continuously to try to get used to the controls. The upgradeable character is a great idea, but trying to attack the enemies as you are continously traveling sideways is more than a challenge and most of the time ended in my character’s untimely death with use. There are also very few coins to collect which made it difficult for me to buy many of the upgrades. And though there are checkpoints in the game that will save and allow you to start back from, they are few and far between. Though the graphics are definitely a plus, like other jumper apps, the gameplay can get a bit repetitive and cause the user to lose interest if they don’t get to bosses or more intriguing sequences sooner.

Idyllic! is a unique play on classic app game set-up. If you have the stamina, it is definitely worth a look, aside from some of the drawbacks. You can buy it in the app store for a mere $1.99.


Idyllic! - FatCow Games


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