iFly Pro Airport Guide and Flight Tracker iPhone Review

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Airport Guide+Flight Tracker: iFlyPro - Red Cirrus LLCNo, before you ask, this is not just another flight tracking app, of which there are seemingly hundreds available for iPhone. No, I can happily report that this is the flight tracking app for iPhone, and the reason is simple.

iFly Pro does a very good job of flight tracking, but that is only a very small part of what it actually does, as it would be fairer to describe the app as a complete airport, flight and travel companion. It really is impressive that the developer didn’t just use the component parts of this app to create several different apps, as by my reckoning this could be split up into at least three different apps, and I doubt anyone would have complained. The fact that you can get all this functionality from one app is fantastic.

The app offers up a completely comprehensive airport guide, and as I am going on holiday to sunny Spain in a couple of weeks, I decided to test the app on the airport I will be flying out from, London Luton. I wasn’t expecting much, as Luton’s own Website is fairly bare-bones on details, so I thought the app may just show flight times and a few basic details about the airport, but to my surprise, there is a staggering amount of information available.

From the expected flight times, to a complete over head map of the airport, a list of shops, bars and eateries, all rated and reviewed by actual users, and everything in between. The app even told me about parking in and around Luton, to trains and local buses, there is everything a traveller could need. I am seriously impressed.

What is even better than this is the easy to use interface, which is makes navigating the plethora of information and options simple and intuitive. I am only an occasional traveller, but if you are someone that has to travel a lot on business, this app will prove invaluable.

It will be the little things that seasoned travellers will appreciate, such as letting you know if there is Wi-Fi in certain areas, or how far the walk to your gate is going to be, security requirements and too many other things to list here, although here are a few, straight from the developer:

 GPS Terminal Maps Providing In-Terminal Navigation
– Flight Tracker
– Airport Status (US)
– Parking Rates and Locations
– Airline Info (tel #’s, route maps, baggage)
– Restaurants, Cafes, Bars, Lounges & Retail Stores
– Ground Transportation Options
– Wi-Fi Coverage
– Terminal Services (banks/ATMs, business centers, currency exchange, etc)
– Layover Ideas

The flight tracking part is as good as any dedicated flight tracking app, and there is even full itinerary support with Trips.

Overall, this is a superb app, and the number one option for airports and flights, whether you just go on vacation once a year or are a seasoned traveller that flies several times a week. A fantastic app that comes with my highest recommendation.

Airport Guide+Flight Tracker: iFlyPro - Red Cirrus LLC


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  1. As much as I love games, I love productivity apps on my iPhone more. It’s all about making life easier. This one definitely makes life easier. 

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