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You can never have too much security, so they say. That may seem like a ridiculous sentiment, but with hackers and viruses getting ever more clever and ever more complicated, in addition to technology taking on a far more important and personal role in all our lives, security is now at the forefront of everyone’s minds when using PCs and smartphones.

iOS comes with many security features, but iHideIt takes things to another level.

The basic premise behind the app is to enable message text to be scrambled, and only unscrambled if the recipient has the correct password. This means that, even if someone else has their hands on the recipient’s phone, they will never be able to view the contents of the message without a password.ihideit

It adds an extra layer of security to messaging that could be vital in protecting particularly sensitive messages that you want to ensure that only one person ever reads. It means that you can have that extra peace of mind, knowing that the chances of someone else reading that message are vastly reduced.

The app is very basic, but does its job well. You can choose a password, which you must obviously pass on to the other person involved. You also have the option to have the password hidden as it is typed out, and to have the password field disappear upon exit, which are both extra layers of protection.

You can then compose your message, and then click ‘scramble’ to have it encrypted. You then send it, and the recipient must unscramble the message by using the password.

The whole thing works well, but I feel there is some room for improvement. I would like the ability to send pictures using the app, possibly just having them invisible until the password is entered, and the same goes for voice messages. I think one way to really add another layer of security would be to have the option of your message self-deleting a few seconds after it has been unscrambled, which would reduce the chances of the wrong eyes ever viewing the message even further.

Overall, this is a good app that foes what it sets out to do. With the emphasis firmly on pure security, I can forgive the lack of options and features; the app says it allows you to send password protected text messages, and it does this really well.

For those looking to add a bit more protection to their messages, this comes highly recommended.


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