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iMovie - Apple

One of the very few apps that Apple has personally made for their iDevices, iMovie has dramatically changed how video is handled on the iPhone.

With a one time price of $4.99, iMovie can be handled on your iPod 4g, iPhone 4g, iPad 2, and Macs. Every tool you need is laid out for you. To get started, you have the options to add video or pictures on the device and to film or take a picture right on the spot.

You can add multiple pictures and videos and string them together how ever you please. Do not like where the picture or video was placed? Just tap and hold what ever it is you want to move, and simply slide and drop it to the proper place. Deletion is just as simple, drag what you want to delete right off the main bar and it is gone. Transitions can be individually altered by clicking the icon between media and choosing the appropriate choice.

Among other things, you can add audio and a variety of sounds like clapping or a dog barking, to help personalize the video even more. Audio can even be recorded straight into the movie. Titles and themes can be applied to your movie and each theme has a corresponding theme song that you have the option to play in the background. With each screen shot, you can change how long it appears, alter how a picture is zoomed, and any titles you wish to apply.

Once a movie is complete, you can press play and it is displayed in full screen or you can export it to iTunes, the camera roll, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport. Making a movie has never been so easy.

The only downfall of this app is that if you have an earlier iDevice, the app is not compatible to run on them.

Sorry to all the Original iPad owners wishing to scoop up this app and start making movies, but with lack of a camera to use to get pictures and video to the device, Apple does not see a need for such an app. A minor set back, but all the same, making a movie has never be so easy.

This app is great for someone, who let’s say recently went on vacation, and wants to share their videos and pictures. They import them into iMovie, and in such a short time, they have a slide show worth showcasing. This app is definately worth the $4.99

iMovie - Apple



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