iOS 6 Hints to Larger Screen Size for iPhone 5

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It seems there is already evidence to support a larger screen to come on the new iPhone. The rumor has long been said that the iPhone 5 will have an increased screen size of 4 inches.

9to5mac is reporting that when the resolution is set to feature the likely 640×1136 display on iOS 6, the homescreen displayed an entirely new row of apps. Though this isn’t complete proof as there is speculation this could be a change to accommodate the size of the iPad mini.

There have also been reports that the new iPhone will be thinner than its predecessors, with possible measurements of 7.66mm. That is 1.77 mm thinner than the iPhone 4S. This isn’t a dramatic change, but one that fans have definitely been hoping for. Let’s hope September 12th will provide the answers.



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