iPhone 5 is Here

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The announcement has been made, and a new iPhone has been revealed. Not called the New iPhone though, but simply iPhone 5.

Quite a few new things have been added, with a few of them dead on to the rumors that had been spreading before its release. Here are some of the major features:


4″ Retina Display, Resolution 1360 x 640

16:9 Aspect Ratio with 6 Rows for Apps

7.6 mm Thin (18% Thinner than iPhone 4S)

112 grams (20% Lighter than iPhone 4S)

4G LTE Capability

Dual-Band 802.11n Wifi Connectivity

Faster A6 Chip

iSight Panorama Camera, 720p HD Front Camera

FaceTime Over Cellular

New, Smaller Lightning Connector

New Earpods


Made entirely of glass and aluminum it is the lightest and tallest iPhone yet. Along with its redesign, new apps grace the screen – Maps, Passbook and HD Video recording. Along with improved versions of the Mail app, new calling features and increased Siri capabilities. Here is the full comparison from Apple.

It seems to be the most updated iPhone yet and Apple has not disappointed. One rumor yet to confirm is the “iPad Mini”. Who knows, there may still be an October event looming.

Were you impressed with the newest iPhone offering?





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