iPhone 5 to Have New Connector

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The iPhone 5 release maybe just around the corner as more images are released of the rumored new socket design that would cause all previous accessories that attach to the iPhone through the charging socket, useless. Early leaked photos and schematics have lead many to believe that iPhone 5 is moving away from the traditional 30 pin connector that we’ve all grown accustomed, to a much smaller 19 pin connector.

While nothing is written in stone at this point it is said that Apple is moving to this new connector to allow for a thinner design as well as enabling the use of something similar to MagSafe2, a magnetic cable that is used for their popular line of laptops. While this does make sense for Apple, it does nothing to ease concerns that millions of dollars of chargers, and docks, will be rendered ineffective in the coming months.

TechCrunch.com says it has spoken to multiple manufacturers who have confirmed the change but Apple has had no comment on the situation to this point.

So are you for the new connector, or against? Let us know your thoughts.


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