The iPhone 8 is on its way!

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Are you eagerly awaiting the release of the all-new iPhone 8? You’re in good company! As millions of iPhone users around the world sit on the edge of their seats anticipating the latest and greatest addition to the Apple catalogue, we have a look at what we know so far and what you can expect from the new iPhone.

Release date

When will the latest iPhone be released? The question that is on everyone’s lips right now does not have a definitive answer as Apple likes to keep us on our toes. However, we do know that you can expect the iPhone 8 to be available very very soon – and the release date is likely to be around the end of September.

What’s different about the iPhone 8?

The biggest change you can expect with the latest offering from Apple is a major improvement in the screen to body ratio. This means that the new iPhone will be even more user-friendly than before. In addition, the increased screen to body ratio will make the iPhone 8 a fantastic platform for enjoying the latest apps and games – so it’s well worth waiting for.

If you were impressed by the fingerprint identification function, you’ll love the latest development that allows you to protect your phone from fraudulent use. The new iPhone 8 is expected to feature 3D facial recognition sensors – cutting edge technology that is about more than just security – it makes the iPhone 8 even more great!

Gaming with the iPhone 8

If you’ve already got an iPhone, you’ll know that these little beauties are great for enjoying games. Some of the most popular ways to play are adventure story based, and there’s lots of choice. Banner Saga 2 is one of our favourite ways to enjoy adventure based the stories related to Scandinavian mythology.

There’s a whole host of new games coming out for iPhone 8 users. These include Super Phantom Cat 2, War Wings, Minecraft Story Mode Season Two, Titanfall: Assault, Nexomon and Cat Quest and many more – all of which are being released in August 2017.

iPhone 8 apps

If you love a good Apple app, you’ll be spoilt for choice when you get your new iPhone 8. Check out Planett, a planning and organising app that helps you to take control of your professional and personal life with ease. Like to be able to view and manage documents via your iPhone? Cloud Hub is what you need – and you can even link it to social media platforms. Heading to Vegas and want to get a little practice in pre-flight? Check out an iPhone casino or two. Are you planning to use the super high spec iPhone 8 camera to capture those special moments? Get Visual Show Cam to give your photos a professional edge.

There are loads of apps that are specifically tailored towards gamers. Gone are the days when you had to be stationed in front of your PC to enjoy a bit of gaming fun – and the iPhone 8 is perfectly placed to allow you to take advantage of this. How will you use your iPhone 8?


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