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iPrintagram - Instagram Printing - Andrew HowatInstagram has been an absolute sensation since its launch. The service is based on a simple idea- that you can apply live filters to camera shots, and it is an idea that had been done before, but the difference with Instagram is that the filters you get are outstandingly beautiful and it is all tied into an accomplished social network service. It is this combination of things that has propelled Instagram to such a level that I know many people who opt to use the Instagram camera instead of their device camera at all times.

There is one thing missing for many people, and that is the ability to easily print their creations. Now, there are many services on the Web that allow you to print off your Instagram photos and receive them in the mail, but there are surprisingly few apps on the iOS App Store that offer this service.

The apps that are there are quite limited, so in steps iPrintagram to try and tempt you to use their own printing service.

iPrintagram is the best option for printing Instagram photos on your iPhone, although it does have one large limitation at the moment- you can only order and print three photos at a time, with no options for different sizes. It is an odd limitation, and from reading the developers blog and social network feeds, is one that they are trying to lift as soon as possible. We have to review the app as it stands, however, so it does lose a couple of points for this I’m afraid.

Aside from that, this is stellar stuff from the developer. The app looks like it is part of the Instagram service, as it is very attractive indeed. Upon first booting the app up, you are asked to log in with your Instagram details, and are then presented with a screen where you can enter your address details, which is obviously required if you are going to be ordering prints.

You are then free to explore the app, which has three main screens. The profile screen displays all your details, the info screen allows you to view messages from the iPrintagram team, and lets you get in touch via various channels, and the main iPrintagr.am section is for ordering prints.

This section is automatically populated with all of your Instagram photos, and you can scroll through them and select the three you want to print. After you have selected these you are taken to a confirmation screen that lets you see the photos up close, and you can then pay for the prints via PayPal. After you have placed an order you have the ability to post what you have ordered on Twitter and Facebook.

The app then handily lets you know the progress of your order via push notifications. When the prints do arrive they are packaged in a very attractive envelope, and you can then finally check out your prints, and they are of a very high quality indeed.

The great thing about the photos is that they look like they were printed from a Polaroid fifteen years ago, and it is strange to get a feeling of nostalgia from a picture you only took last week. It is strangely affecting, whether it is photos of your kids, a landscape picture or a creative work of art, and it really feels like it ‘completes’ the Instagram experience.

Outstanding, and an absolute must if you treasure Instagram as so many do.

iPrintagram - Instagram Printing - Andrew Howat


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