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iRBot - Tigertail GamesHere we have iRBot, a side scrolling, pseudo 3D platform game that gets the basics right, but feels like an empty shell of what should be a good game.

In the game, you play a little maintenance droid who has to escape a space station before it explodes. You make your way through the zones of the station, jumping gaps, avoiding enemies and riding lifts in order to progress.

The space station has multiple levels to traverse, and they quickly get fairly complex, so it’s lucky you have a map accessible at any time to help you find the objects on each stage to unlock doors and find extra time.

Once the timer reaches zero it’s game over, and you also lose a life if you so much as touch an enemy. The robot can only do one simple jump to avoid trouble, and that is really all there is to do in the game, control wise. These controls, although basic, work pretty well, although the collision detection is pretty harsh, and it would be nice to change direction mid air.

The space station has plenty of variety from the initial stages, with even dark levels to find your way though. The lighting effects are really good on these bits.

The graphics are nice, with big characters and well designed backdrops and enemies, and aside from a few hiccups the frame rate is consistent throughout.

The problem I have with the game is that it feels like all the interesting bits haven’t been put in yet.

I want to have to hack door panels, being a robot. I want to have to get a jetpack and rocket through low gravity stages, to have to remote control an enemy to get a door open. Meaningful collectibles that upgrade the robot with new powers. I’d like to be able to lead enemies into traps, or at least be given some form of fighting back.

Like I said, it would be additions like this that could propel this title into being something really good, but at the moment you just trundle around the admittedly pretty stages, not really doing very much. I know this is aimed at a casual/kids market, but then so is Mario. This market likes challenges and complexity, albeit handled in the correct manner.

I like the bare bones of this title, but it feels like this is just half a game.

I’m genuinely interested to see if the developer can rise to the challenge and make this the game it should be.

iRBot - Tigertail Games


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