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iRecognize, available for iPhone and iPad through the Apple iTunes App Store, is a great way to create and use your own custom flashcards. The app really uses all of the aspects of your device really well to enable you to pretty much create any flashcards that you can imagine.

This allows you to really push the learning experience in the way you want,either for your self or a student. The flashcards you can create are pretty advanced, although you can create and use basic ones if you so choose, with a variety of tools available to make creating the flashcards as easy as possible.

Creating quizzes is actually good fun itself, and when you combine this with the ability to actually record your own voice prompts, you can make some really cool little tests for students and kids.irecognise

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:

– Create custom quizzes for anyone!
– Add custom audio and visuals to each card.
– Record your voice to create custom prompts or feedback.
– Pre-loaded libraries are suitable for kids, students and adults.
– Available photo libraries of the Language Activity Resource Kit (LARK), ProEd,Inc
– Create quizzes in any language, or any combination of languages! Perfect for language classes
– Create cards or use available libraries to help those with autism or Alzheimer’s
– Familiar flashcard/matching game format. iRecognize is easy to pick up and use
– Customizable levels of difficulty
– Great educational or therapy tool for kids, students and adults who are learning
– Track your progress in every exercise with iRecognize’s results tool.

The app itself is very easy to use, with everything laid out in a very intuitive way. There are some great ways to track the results of quizzes, which i think is a great touch and adds a lot for teachers and parents who may use the app, and is an efficient way to see progress.

Overall, with plenty of options, a lot of features and plenty of customisation available, this may just be the best way to create your own flashcards on iOS. Well worth picking up for learners, teachers and parents.


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