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itunes iconAre you fashionably challenged, always needing guidance on what to wear? Or maybe you go the other way and are always giving others advice? Well there’s an app for both personalities with fashion app Jaqard.

Jaqard from EMS Style, makes everyone a fashionista by bringing real people together in one place to share style suggestions and create original outfits. Submit your own photos and create a profile with your own individuality. Discover other trends and get personal recommendations. Here is the apps full description:

The new fashion and style arena. Create gorgeous outfits matching real life photos to exquisite items from the best online catalogues on the web.Jaqard image 2

Challenge the community with your own handpicked photos and enjoy your free, personally recommended, spanking new style.

This is the place where stylists are born and fashion is made.

Key features of Jaqard:

• ask for immediate fashion advice: upload photos of items directly from your iPhone

• access all of the best brands on the web through a simple and easy to filter browser screen

• be a stylist: suggest inspiring outfits, with a simple click to add matching items underneath photo boards

• browse through personal profiles to discover new styles

Jaqard account set-up is easy with your choice of Facebook integration or email sign-up. Once your profile is set you can view a stream of users’ photos with requests for recommendations of pieces to complete each outfit. Users will ask for specifics like shoe or accessory suggestions. When you recommend an item its picture and price will be displayed as well as a link to the shop you can purchase the item from. You can continue perusing and recommending or post your own incomplete pieces to get personalized fashion advice.

Jaqard is very slick. The menus are nicely tucked away so pictures in posts are big and showy. The navigation is easy to use and there are quite a few name brand items to choose from. Some items said they weren’t available in my country, which was a little disappointing and right now there aren’t a whole lot of users, but Jaqard definitely has a great idea here bringing fashion to social media. Now it just needs to grow.

Jaqard is a free download in the App Store and compatible fro iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.




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