Jungle Bonnie iPhone Review

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Jungle Bonnie, for the first few minutes of play, is as mystifying as anything you will ever play. There are no instructions at all, and to be honest for such a simple game only a few are needed, but it would have been nice to avoid those first few play sessions trying to figure out what you have to do. One static screen pointing at the small moving spike, letting you know that it is your target rather than the main animal or other balls of spikes nearby, would do the trick.

Once you get the hang of the game, it turns out to be a fairly enjoyable score attack game that has just the right balance of requiring luck and skill to do well.

The aim of the game is to bathe as many animals as you can with water bombs fired from a launcher. The launcher isn’t your usual Angry Birds-style one we are used to, which is something I am glad of, as here you have to tap the catapult to start a golf game-esque power bar going, tap it again to select your power and then tap on the screen to fire it off.

The power obviously dictates where the bomb is going to end up, but the catapult also has a swing on its end, cradling the bomb. This moves independently and reacts to outside movement, adding an element of randomness to the game, which is added to the fact that your target is constantly moving up and down. Mastering two elements of timing and the power bar is the key to this game.

The water bombs can also have different power ups built in, which are activated when you hit your target. These can be extra time, a slowing down of the peg or the best one, which is adding an extra peg to aim at. Once an animal has been hit by enough water, it falls down into the tub and is replaced by another creature. You score is based on the amount of hits you get combined with the number of animals you complete, with other bonuses, such as score doubling water bombs, taken into account.

There are three game modes, 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes, with your score at the end of each added to the built in Game Center leaderboard for each mode. Climbing the leaderboards is quite fun, although there are not that many people on there yet. We are in the top 10% on two of the leaderboards, so feel free to add us if you spot us on there 🙂

The graphics are pretty good, with well drawn and designed characters that are animated fairly well, and the music suits the game well.

There is also an intro with a silly story, and the ability to check out the developer on Twitter and Facebook, and that is really it. I think the game needs a main endless mode with a generous time limit, as well as maybe a puzzle mode or score based multiplayer, to really shine. What is here is good, but there is not enough of it. The time based modes will keep you occupied for a few hours at best, and it is the type of game that could get very addictive, but more modes are needed.

Jungle Bonnie - Nipa Studio


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