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Keek - Keek Inc.Keek is the latest video sharing phenomenon to hit the Internet. Users can sign up and instantly start sharing short videos with the rest of the community, and it is a very large community already, as the top user has had over 7 million views of his videos so far, which is very impressive indeed.

What that essentially means is that new users and subscribers need not fear that they are joining a service that is devoid of life. Indeed, checking out the most recent section of the app shows you that videos are being uploaded every few seconds.

Keek have been quite clever with the way they let users upload videos. While other services let you essentially upload whatever you want, Keek limits its videos to just 36 seconds of footage. This sounds like a strange limitation, but it is actually a stroke of genius, as the videos end up being succinct, direct and have little or no dead time. This makes users fill the time well, making for more interesting videos to view, and are all potentially ‘viral’ videos. It also means that you can quickly browse through and view more clips in a shorter amount of time.

On many other services, you may have to sit through several minutes of boring footage before you get to the ‘good bit’. With Keek, that is not a problem. I can see the service skyrocketing if the Keek team keeps focus, doesn’t blink and massively change the interface and keeps it as simple as possible.

The app, then. Keek has apps for both iOS and Android, as well as letting you use your web cam, but we are going to take a look at the iPhone version.

The app allows you to log into Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr and post your videos and updates to those services, as well as let your social network friends see what you are watching on Keek. Once you have either logged into Facebook or Keek via Email, you are free to use the rest of the app. You can view the latest uploads, the most popular uploads today, check out the featured videos and have a look at the channels of the top 100 users, so there is never an issue with content here. There is a full search function, and you can edit your own profile and invite others to the service.

You can comment, keekback, favourite and share any videos you watch, as well as subscribe to users, all from within the app.

The big thing here though, is going to be the ability to creates your own ‘keeks’ and upload them to the community. The app allows you to choose between the front and rear camera, and even lets you use videos you already have on your device. Once you have shot your 36 second masterpiece, you can either upload it right away, or store it and upload it later.

Overall, the app does everything a Keek user could possibly want. Of course, Keek isn’t going to be for everyone, and is definitely aimed at the younger end of the market, with the 36 second limit possibly preventing many from touching the service. That aside, this is a comprehensive and solid app that Keek users will love.

Keek - Keek Inc.


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