KickUp Cup iPhone Review

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itunes iconThe World Cup has made everyone soccer crazy as of late. Fans rally behind their country’s team as if it will be the deciding factor if they win or not. There is every way to show their support, from clothing, face paint and even apps. KickUp Cup, by Infinite Pacific Solutions, lets you carry your favorite game with you right on your phone.

Here is the app’s full description:

With a flick of your thumb, you’re in the game and helping your country earn KickUps.
Play this fun new game from Infinite Pacific Solutions, the team that brought you iSnowflake. KickUp Cup image 2

How to Play: 

-Joining the KickUp Cup is simple.

-Download the app. 

-Sign in with Facebook, choose a country and nickname, and start playing.

-Use your thumb to control the shoe and kick the ball to keep it in the air.  Each time you kick the ball, you earn a KickUp. 

-Every time you play, you add to your country’s KickUp score. KickUps are updated in real time. 

-Help your country reach 10 million KickUps. 
-Join players from all around the world who are helping their country inch closer to the goal with every KickUp. 

-Your country needs you. Join the KickUp cup today!!

To play KickUp Cup, open the app and select a team. Choose from a long list of countries from Afghanistan all the way to Zimbabwe. It may take some scrolling to get to your favorite, but I promise, it is there. You can also log in with Facebook if you would like. Once you select your country of choice, hit that start button.

The game begins with a simple background, a shoe and a ball. Your task is to simply hit the ball in the air as many times as you can with the shoe.That’s it. No team, no goalie, no field. Just a shoe and a ball. As you play the background, shoe and ball will change in color and theme as it keeps track of your best KickUp score and adds it to your team’s overall points. As simple as it sounds, keeping that ball in the air is no easy feat. Hit the ball too hard and it goes sailing off the screen. Too soft and it won’t stay up in the air at all. The challenge keeps you coming back for more, but the mechanics may lure you to quit while your ahead.

KickUp Cup does it’s best to capitalize on the soccer craze but falls a bit short on its delivery. The app is free with an in-app purchase to remove ads. It is available now in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.



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