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Children’s apps are an important section of the App Store. Not only do the apps provide parents with a way to occupy their children, it is a great outlet for young minds to learn. If they must be occupied by an electronic device, why not teach those spongy young brains. Kids Tiles aims to teach young children as young as toddlers through playing games.

Kids Tiles by Maria Thyselius Bergstrom, teaches identification of important categories such as colors, animals and numbers while having fun through simple game play. Here is the app’s full description:

Presenting the most engrossing and amazing app for your toddlers. KidsTiles image 1
Kids Tiles is 
an educational game app that helps the kids in learning, playing, 
exploring and experimenting. This unique app enables your child to learn
and identify. the names and categories of animals, numbers, colors, 
parts of the body, transport and gadgets. 

** Very simple and neat layout designed for toddlers eyes **

** High quality pictures and sounds game for kids to keep them their interest level high **

**Tap on the picture of the object asked for and know whether his/her is correct**

**Volume control from the volume buttons**

** Your child will learn much faster with this unique app! **

This free app 
would play very important part in your child’s learning. The child can 
actually select the type of movement of tiles he likes. With each level 
the speed of the tile movement increases. 

The best educational app for kids! With Kids Tiles App, you are sure to never get your iPhone or iPad back from your child!

To begin, open the app and pick a category. There are six to choose from: Numbers, Gadgets, Animals, Body Parts, Colours and Transport. Once your child selects a category there are three ways to play, tiles can Rise, Sink or Play and Rise, meaning the tiles will rise as you select them. Customizing the way the game flows really allows the child to learn at their own pace and preference. I would recommend the Play and Rise selection just until the child gets used to the pictures they are searching for, then play faster with the Rise or Sink option.

Each level will show pictures of the items your child needs to look for with instruction. For example, “Tap on the Herbivorous Animals only, ” then simply tap the tiles with those animals. It is easy, but educational. My own children learned quickly and soon flew through each level, enjoying each new fact that accompanied it. There are also settings for sound, language selection and ad removal. I had no issues with playing the game, but did have one issue with a setting. After turning the sound off, I couldn’t get it to turn back on. Hopefully there will be a fix for this soon. With plenty of categories to choose from, Kids Tiles is sure to keep any child busy for hours.

Kids Tiles is a free app with ad support, though ads can be removed with an in-app purchase. It is available now in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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