Knight Blitz OMG iPhone Review

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itunes iconLike a good fight? Always rooting for the little guy? Saving damsels in distress kind of your thing? Then this game is definitely for you. Fight as a small but fearless knight, wielding a sword almost bigger than you, to save as many princesses as you can in Knight Blitz OMG from Cloud M1.

Knight Blitz OMG puts you against the biggest knights in the kingdom. Slay the enemies and collect their souls all while rescuing the fair maidens. Here is the apps full description:

How long can you survive the endless hordes of invading knights? How many princess can you save along the way? Can you handle the sword that’s 3 times as big as you, or take down that monster knight that’s 3 times as tall as you? Knight Blitz OMG image 2You’ll have to find out the answers by yourself and experience the BLITZ of the century!!!

-Unlockable characters: Angel Knight, Clown with Balloon, Clown with Hammer, Princess with Umbrella, Elf, spiky hair dude, and spiky hair dude on a bike.
-Transforming special move for each character.
-Countless achievements.
-Endless fun.

Hack and slash is kind of the name of the game here, though be warned, slashing the sword seems to pelt you around without the use of the directional pad. This is due to the sword being so heavy but it does affect accuracy. When they say there are, “endless hordes of invading knights,” they aren’t kidding. All of the bucket-headed minions seem to just spawn in big groups out of nowhere so you are constantly hacking and slashing your way around. The spin maneuver is a nice touch, but I rarely put it to good use as I never had time to charge up my character before I was attacked, having to find a new spot and start all over. Be quick and be sure to stay out of the way of your enemies’ sharp blades.

Other characters can be used once unlocked, but you’ll have to kill quite a few enemies to do it. The first one isn’t available until 25,000 kills! Now this is a running total and does not have to be done in one sitting, but that could take some time to do. Or you can take the easy way and unlock all 7 characters with an in-app purchase for only $0.99.

Knight Blitz OMG is a fun and simple time killer. The best part is it’s on sale now for free. It is available now in the App Store and compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch.




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