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itunes iconOne thing I love about my iPhone is it keeps almost every part of my life in order. Busy schedules, to-do lists and finances – it’s all on my phone. I can’t even imagine how I kept everything together before I had it. To keep it all in motion relies on me to enter everything into my phone on to different various apps, making sure the balls in the air don’t come crashing down. That can take quite a few apps to make that happen. One app that wants to bring it all together is LifeTopix.

LifeTopix Calendar App: Your Tasks, Notes, Projects, Todo Lists and More in One Place By LightArrow Inc., is a productivity app that keeps all your important plans for life in one place. Here is the app’s full description:

A complete planner and calendar app to organize work and life. 100,000+ users and growing!

It’s simple for daily agenda, tasks, appointments, reminders, lists, chores – and powerful for work and home projects, GTD®, notes, PDF files, inboxes, notes, contacts, passwords, private
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data, assets, services, bookmarks, shopping, finances, events, education, online documents and more.

Want a light version that allows you to start small and add things as needed? Try My.Agenda or Pro.Calendar. See:

Some advanced features are available as in-app purchases described below.


Tasks+Projects, Shopping+Gifts, Events+Appointments, Travel+Places, People+Services, Health+Goals, Finances, Home+Assets, Education, Notes+Files+Lists, Media, Bookmarks+Lockers


+ Best calendar app w/ detailed calendars and agenda
+ Unified agenda view of todos & schedule
+ Works w/ iOS calendars, reminders, contacts, notifications
+ Context tags
+ Reusable todo lists & checklists
+ GTD inbox for consuming & converting things into actionable items
+ Hot List (favorites)
+ Near Me – View scheduled items on a map / locate businesses & recreation
+ Launch apps
+ Lockers – Secure private text, photos & audio clips w/ PIN (AES 256-bit encryption)
+ Securely manage online passwords (AES 256-bit encryption)
+ Passcode lock
+ Metrics – Graphs for goals, health & other metrics 
+ Social media sharing – works with Facebook, Twitter, Email & SMS
+ Back up your data on Dropbox™, Box™ or email from any device
+ Access online notes, files & tasks
+ Notes & Journals – Hand write, record & draw
+ Manage media files – audio/photos/video
+ Device-to-device sync
+ Search, Help


+ Add advanced customer relationship management features – Create custom fields and forms for contacts. Manage contacts in a spreadsheet-like view. CSV import.
+ Add advanced inbox features – Harvest messages from Email, Twitter, Facebook and Web. Create Evernote custom feeds with search and convert actions. Make custom rules for email, Evernote notes, social media feeds. Capture these items and convert them to scheduled actions.

Stay on task with a cleverly designed and easy-to-read Agenda view showing what’s important today, tomorrow and in the near future. Unified tasks, appointments and todo lists. Alerts included.

Best Day, Week, Month and Year views. Easily identify items by color. Control your calendar with filters. Device calendar integration enables interaction with events on your iOS Calendar and other calendars that iOS supports.LifeTopix image 1


Access docs, tasks and notes in LifeTopix from Dropbox™, GDrive or Box™; Toodledo®, Asana™ or GDrive; and Evernote® or Toodledo®, respectively.


Buy this universal app once and use on every iOS device. Sync options keep data on all iOS devices the same. Use free Mac companion desktop app, LightArrow Air.Access™, for quick data entry.


When we say that we value our customers, we really mean it. Our support team responds to every submission ( We’re totally committed to our users’ complete satisfaction. We encourage communication at from any web page or publicly through social media! See for yourself at

If you have an issue, give us a chance to help, you will be pleasantly surprised! We will never give up on you. We appreciate feedback from our users.

Our list of apps is growing! More at

As you can tell from the lengthy description, LifeTopix is a very thorough time management and organization app. It is all about having everything in one place and managing everything down to the letter. This app has advanced features above any other productivity app I have ever used, and it is great. The absolutely wonderful thing is it works with Apple’s built in apps, importing events from the calendar app, tasks and others that you have already input during the setup to complete your life agenda. Everything from appointments to shopping lists and even asset lists can be stored in LifeTopix.

Nothing seems to be overlooked, including convenient features like one of my favorites the app section where frequently used apps can be launched while you are managing everything else. Security is also a priority, allowing users to set a passcode on the app for access along with a pin to view more personal things. Though all of these features could seem confusing to the average Joe, LifeTopix is full of help areas, letting you know how to use each section and what can be done there. In addition to the enormous amount of content that already comes with the app, additional advanced features can be added through in-app purchase.

LifeTopix is a life organizer for power users when a simple calendar app just won’t do. It’s extensive construction make it the app to have for life. LifeTopix is available in the App Store now for $7.99 and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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