LightonZ iPhone and Android Review

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iPhone Version

LightonZ is billed as an ‘inspiration recorder’, which may make it sound like one of those many apps that simply have lists of motivational texts to peruse, but this couldn’t be further from the truth, as LightonZ is an app that helps you to be inspired and motivated by text, sound and pictures that you, yourself choose, customise and use.

The app essentially gives you a blank space in which to operate. You start by entering some text, which could be copied and pasted from a browser or something you write yourself, and you can then add pictures and sounds to add to the experience.

The text can be resized, which is a nice touch, and you can choose whether to snap a photo with your camera or select one you already have on your phone. The music can be taken from your iTunes library, which makes it easier to grab a relevant tune.

Once you have created your mini masterpiece, it is saved to the app’s library and can be viewed and edited later on. If you make many different ‘LightonZ’, you can view them in a sideshow format, with arrows to switch between them at will.

Here, straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:lightonz

LightonZ App may be used for inspirational declarations or affirmations that will help inspire your faith to where you want to be.
You may also use it to record your ideas, or any other text-based message to be played back at your convenience.

Use the inspirational editor to help you reach your :-
Business Goals
Spiritual Destiny
Creative Dreams
Sport and Fitness Goals
Personal Goals

The app is very good at what it does, but I do have a couple of suggestions. First of all, I would like the picture for each LightonZ to be displayed as its background, instead of as a separate item to view, and I would also like the option of using videos in the app. I’m not sure if videos are supposed to be supported, but I couldn’t get them to work in either version. I would also like a way to share creations on social media.

Surprisingly, the app actually works well as an alternative note taking app. I introduced the app to a friend, and she didn’t use it as a motivational app at all, but simply used it to make her own notes with super large text, funny pictures and some music. Everybody is different, and it is good to see an app that can be used outside its own intended goals.

Android Version

The Android version does exactly the same as the iOS version, and works just as well. I never had any problems using it on the two devices I was able to test it on, so it is fair to say that all the points I made about the iPhone version also apply here. You can grab the Android version on Google Play.

Overall, LightonZ is a very decent app, with a lot of potential to be great. With plenty of options, if you are looking for an app that is both inspirational, motivational and uniquely creative, then you may have just found it with LightonZ.


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