Lightopus iPhone Review

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Lightopus - Bulkypix

Lightopus, the latest game from Bulkypix, is a fascinating title for iPhone. The game fools you into thinking it is a relaxing, Flow– style game where you float around a colourful miniture world, exploring and chilling out to the ambient sounds. This appearance of calmness doesn’t last long, as Lightopus can sometimes be a frenetic and stressful game, with a lot happening on the screen at once.

This, as it turns out is a good thing, as Lightopus is an exciting and exhilarating game that is as playable as it is interesting. A lack of variety does hold it back, although the experience does hold your interest until the end.

The game puts you in the squidgy shoes of a Lightopus, set with the task of travelling into a deep, dark Abyss and rescuing fellow Lightopus creatures who have been captured by the monsters that dwell in the Abyss.

The Abyss is dark and foreboding, but is truly lit up in a beautiful way by its denizens. The gorgeous, neon enemies look stunning against the murky backdrop of the levels, and the bright and bold effects and player character all tie in to give the game a fabulous look and theming.

You control the game by tracing the route for your creature to follow with your finger, and it is really responsive, and slickly done. While your character is vulnerable to attack from enemies, you have parts of your tail that can be swung to injure and destroy your foes. It is actually a pretty clever control device, and you will soon find yourself swooping between enemies with consummate ease, flicking and swiping enemies with a fine and commendable level of control. The combat does take a while to get used to, however.

The game sees you entering into enemy zones, where you must battle your way up to the boss, the defeat of which unlocks a hive where you are free to destroy eggs before they hatch into more monsters. It is a decent system, and the bosses are very impressive, and beautifully animated and provide a good level of challenge, and the hives provide a nice distraction.

The soundtrack suits the game perfectly, and is a dreamy treat, really adding to the overall atmosphere. The game has leaderboards and some nice achievements, which add some legs to the title, although they don’t completely hide the fact that the game does get pretty repetitive quite quickly. While this doesn’t ruin the game by any means, it is something you should bear in mind if you are considering a purchase.

Overall, this is a dreamy yet action packed game with an emphasis on combat. The graphics and general level of presentation are both first rate, as is the soundtrack. You are in for a real treat if you are playing on a device with a Retina display. The gameplay is unique and addictive, and although there is little in the way of variety, the quality of the gameplay and the excellence of the aesthetics are enough to earn the game a high recommendation.

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Lightopus - Bulkypix



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