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LiveMeet may just be the social tool that many people have been waiting for. On the surface it doesn’t seem too dissimilar to other social apps, but the focus is where the difference can be found, as LiveMeet isn’t about dating, or connecting with people you already know (although both those things are covered), but is instead about expanding your real life social circle.

It may seem strange in these heady days of Twitter, Facebook and the instant social connection, but it really is still very difficult to meet like-minded people for friendship and companionship. Finding people who share your interests is one thing, but actually making friends with them is a whole different barrier for many people. Yes, there are millions of dating options out there, but very few apps and services like this one.

It can also be something as simple as finding someone to go jogging with, or to help with professional networking in a LinkedIn-lite fashion, and yes; you can find people to date on here as well.

Here straight from the developer, are the app’s best features:livemeet

– Create a profile and find people based on your interests to find new interest partners
– View colorful profiles and see who you know in common
– Create searches based on a person’s profile and where and when you want to meet
– Recommend a person if they’re a great interest partner
– Favorite people so you can connect with them in the future
– Chat with people or enter into group chats based on interest

The app itself is vibrantly designed, with a nice mix of pastel shades that gives a nice blue and green vibe that fits right at home on iOS. I found no performance issues during my time with the app, however I must mention that it did crash on me once (iPhone 6), although I must stress that it only happened on that one occasion and I could not get the crash to replicate.

The app and service should still be considered to be of a fledgling level, so there were not that many users on there when I used it, but hopefully that will be resolved in time as word spreads. The profiles you create are intelligently thought out, and you can filter people down to display those that only share certain interests as you. A great feature is that, when you find someone you like, you can use their profile to search the rest of the app for similar people. A superb feature.

Once you do find someone, you can chat to them, add them to favourites or recommend them. You can enter group chats with multiple people, but there is one feature I would love to be added and that is to categorise people by customised groups once you have added them. So, you could create a group, viewable only by yourself, called ‘local joggers’, for example. This would help keep things organised, especially when the app starts to gain traction.

Overall, this is a great idea, and one that has been very well executed. A new take on social networking that focuses on interests, friendships and shared activities instead of work and dating, LiveMeet has a shot at becoming very popular indeed. It certainly deserves it.


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