LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu iPhone Review

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Great war stories include legendary warriors with epic feats like no other. LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu app by ACY Entertainment, Ltd. is no exception. Fight with arrow and sword to defeat the enemy and win the war. Here is some of the app’s description:

LoA (Legend of AbhiManYu) is the first ever true 3D mobile action adventure game giving you the experience of a great 16 years old warrior, AbhiManYu, from the epic war of the Mahabharata. This uniquely designed mobile game mixes exciting gameplay with enriched art and technology, that makes it fun to play. Gamers enjoy the
skills of archery and swordsmanship to feel like heroes, one will have to enter alone in the war and fighting like a gladiator in the battlefield.

Experience the epic fight with mighty warriors namely Archers, Sword Soldiers, Spear Soldiers, Sword Generals and Mace Soldiers along with the BOSS fights with powerful villains having super natural and special powers. These powers include Guru Drona’s power of thunder, Karna’s fire power and other thrilling demigods and immortal villains with power of water, quakes, tornados etc. bringing unique and surprising challenges on every corner of the game.

Enjoy breaking into the challenging puzzles based on war formations e.g. Trident formation, Circular formation, Wing formation, Wave formation, Wheel formation, Octopus formation etc. Icing on the cake is the art and graphics.

The game begins with an epic back story behind the great war of Mahabharata. You play as young AbhiManYu, a god’s son, born as a mortal to be the greatest warrior to battle in this great war. The gameplay begins with an archery tutorial. First, learn to steer your chariot by swiping up and holding your finger to move the chariot forward. Once in place to shoot, tap to freeze time and activate the archery mode, shooting up to five targets highlighted in red. Tap again to unfreeze time, then swipe left and right to dodge incoming arrows from attackers. After surviving the archery battle, a melee combat tutorial comes next. Use the joystick to move around, tapping the action button to attack with your sword. Tapping faster will trigger combos and more damaging strikes. The dodge button will help you roll away and avoid incoming enemy attacks as well as regenerate health when moving away. Rage mode can be activated to boost sword damage and help defeat multiple enemies at once. Use your skills against a variety of skilled fighters with multiple patterned attacks.

LoA is a battle focused app which can be a bit gruesome with blood and guts flying about during strikes. Having said that, it is just the thing you look for in a good combat game. The fighting can be difficult when juggling melee attacks from multiple warriors and defending against arrows from outside archers. It took me several tries just to get through the tutorial. As difficult as it may be, the challenge made the game fun and more like a console game than one on a mobile device. The graphics for this app are highly boasted in the description and it is completely justified. The backgrounds and characters look great with everything playing very smoothly and without any issues. If I had one complaint it would be that the dust in the environment can make it tough to see what you’re fighting at times. The app involves a lot of multitasking with constant action so there is never a dull moment. iCloud syncs and stores game data while other options include a how to play guide, music and sound effects volumes as well as controls for haptic and sharing usage.

Overall, LoA – Legend of AbhiManYu is very enjoyable to play, changing the typical hack and slash game mechanics into something more with a very interesting story and variety of battle options and attacks. The app is available now in the App Store.


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