MAYU Animated Text and Effects iPhone Review

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Really make those holiday and family photos shine with the MAYU Animated Text and Effects app by Yeara Dany. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Express yourself with animated text. Make your Instagram profile stand out !!!
Create beautiful & cool messages, Instagram stories and video intros.

— With MAYU you can —

– Send animated text messages.
– Animate your Instagram stories with tons of animated fonts and stickers.
– Create beautiful animated youtube intro.
– Snap a moment and make a cool story out of it.
– Have something insightful to say, choose a style and color scheme that fits the vibe.
– Inspire people, make your friends laugh. 
– Save and export directly to your Insta life.
– Share your photos with amazing and cool animations…

Unlike other apps which feature computer generated animation, in MAYU each animated typeface is an handmade design, crafted by one of our motion-artist designers. Every frame and sticker are part of our designer’s artistic style and vision.

The MAYU Animated Text and Effects iPhone app brings users an easy way to create their own festive and custom photo messages. Upon opening the app, users are greeted with a ready-made image to play with. Currently, holiday and Christmas images with text appear. To begin editing a photo of your own, tap the plus sign in the middle of the top tool bar to select one from your device’s library. Or, select the camera icon in the top left and take a photo right in the app. Once you have an image picked out, you can add filters, text, and/or one of 200 stickers. Text can also be animated with one of more than 20 styles.

There are plenty of image editors out there that can do most of these things, but what makes MAYU really unique is the animations. There are more than 90 animations that can be added to customize a photo. They range from artistic transition type reveals, to drawn landscapes on top of the images itself. Filters, stickers, and animations are easily added and removed, though there isn’t a tutorial so it takes a bit of experimentation to figure things out. Once learned though, there is plenty for the artist to play around with.

Though this app is a bit more in price than some other editors, it is mentioned that each animated typeface is handmade, and it shows. MAYU is definitely one of the more artistic apps out there sure to make any image pop and original. Once the masterpiece is complete, share it to your favorite social media or messenger. I really like how there are options to save it as a gif or a video format as well, making it easy to export to any format.

Customize all of your memorable moments with the special touch of MAYU Animated Text and Effects. The app is available now in the App Store for $2.99 and is compatible with iPhone and iPad.


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