Mega Snake 2 HD iPhone Review

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A Snake Plus - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! - NER BrothersSnake has always been the definitive mobile game. On ancient Nokia phones, guiding your snake around, eating pellets to increase its length proved to be extremely addictive, even on screens worse than the original Game Boy.

There have been many attempts to resurrect the genre on smart phones, but with only limited success. The likes of Angry Birds and Peggle have drawn in the same kind of audience looking for simple to play yet addictive gameplay, offering depth, but depth given out in little packages of game time.
Developer Ner Brothers have decided to have a crack at bringing Snake to the iPhone, and surprisingly, they have succeeded.

Mega Snake 2 is a modern take on the classic game, adding lovely new graphics, a charming soundtrack and many gameplay additions, all while keeping the basic gameplay intact. So, you guide your snake around, collecting fruit. Every fruit you collect makes your snakes body grow slightly, and as you get injured if you let your snake touch itself (matron!), it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the creature alive.

Ner Brothers have added loads of cool extras to the mix, the first being that the levels are scrolling, allowing for a little bit of exploration, and there are also many different power ups to collect, some of which are really clever. In fact, the developer has added absolutely tonnes of content, such as levels, different snakes, power ups, all of which can be unlocked by collecting coins laying around the levels. The way things are unlocked ermines me of Facebook games, where you can either slowly unlock things by collecting coins and other things, or you can just purchase the extra content through in app purchases. I’m not usually a fan of in app purchases, but here, when all the content is still available through gameplay, I think it has been handled well.

There are two main modes, the endless mode, in which you pick from unlocked levels and upgrades, and the excellent world championship mode, available every now and hen, in which you compete for your country in a high score battle against all the other countries in the world. A brilliant addition.

The graphics here are good, all really well animated and with nice weather effects all giving the game a bouncy, vibrant look that’s helps to bring Snake into the modern age. The music is equally good, matching the graphics with its style and focus.

The controls work really well, and as in the spirit of the rest of the game, the Ner Brother have covered all the bases with no less than four different control schemes on offer.
Facebook connectivity is included, as well as online high scores via a Website and a live news feed, all adding to the feel that a lot of love and time went into this release.The fact that this app is universal is also a great bonus.

There are a few criticisms, such as the fact that if you opt for the free version the ads are really too intrusive, and the way things are unlocked can prove slightly confusing. I would also have liked to be able to select levels and extras from the mode select screen, instead of having to go back through the menus to choose the game options.

All in all, this is a good modern take on Snake, and it does feel like Snake for the Facebook age and, in the way that the developer has added every upgrade and extra imaginable to flesh out the basic gameplay. Great power ups(that I wont spoil for you), nice levels and a decent look all make this a must for fans of the classic mobile game.


A Snake Plus - BE WARNED: Insanely Addictive! - NER Brothers


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  1. Samantha Myers on

    used to spend hours too on my nokia playing the old snake looks great but can it live up to how simple n addictive it was back then?x

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