Meme Machine iPhone Review

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Memes, the internet loves them. Sharing them with your friends is one thing, but making your own is next level. Meme Machine will not only transform the most popular memes but create meme-tastic videos too. Here is some of the app’s description from the App Store:

Meme Machine features a huge collection of popular internet memes, which users are able to select and customise as they please.

Each video meme is setup as a template which makes the editing super easy for everyone.

Key Features;

– Historical, Popular and the Latest memes all available and regularly updated
– Historical, Popular and the Latest memes all available and regularly updated
– Add graphics, text, emoji’s and more to your favourite meme videos
– Record your very own music video / challenge videos
– Share your memes with friends directly from the app to all your social feeds
– Advanced video editor engine with an extremely user-friendly interface

Meme Machine keeps things pretty simple. Pick from a list of your favorite popular memes and edit to make your own unique meme-reel. Once you have made a selection there are different editing choices that can be made depending on the meme chosen. There is a music video option that adds meme music to your own video. Then there is the ability to overlay graphics onto an existing meme. You can also overlay the meme onto your video, or cut your video to the meme video.

Many of the memes in the library are reactionary so the only option is to cut the meme with your own video. For example with the John Cena video, you can only cut it to come after another video of yours as a reaction. There is no template to add text or anything more. The app is easy enough to use and there is a good variety of memes to choose from, with most of the classics. The app walks you through how to edit each one so you can customize it exactly the way you want. Once it is to your liking, you can share to all your friends directly to Facebook, Twitter, or just that massive group message that just keeps going.

Some drawbacks I had with Meme Machine included some crashing issues where meme videos or the app wouldn’t always load and I had to restart it completely. There were also a few instances with exporting where I would occasionally hear the last video’s audio while watching the current ones, but this was only in playback The app just seemed to get confused with all that video loading. Aside from that, I had a lot of fun playing around in meme-land and adding my friends’ videos to our favorite popular memes. I would also love to see the library updated a little more.

Meme Machine is for anyone wanting to up their meme game, and with this customization, no one is safe. The app is available in the App Store now for free.


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