Mini Showdown iPhone Review

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itunes iconDid you ever want to duel it out in a one-on-one shoot out with someone? With the Mini Showdown app, now you can. (With your iPhone of course.)

Mini Showdown from Zhao Zhiyuan is a real-time dueling app that pits you against online players in a shoot out to the death. Customize your character with outfits and weapons you can buy with your winnings from each duel. You can also challenge your friends by scanning a generated
Mini-Showdown image 2QR Code from the app. Shake the dice to earn extra rewards like dynamite to throw at your opponent for an easy win. Here is the apps full description:

Can you become the world’s top marksman?
Blood’s boiling -Throbbing Real-Time Dueling Action!

-The collaboration point of all shooting game lovers around the world.
-Online real-time multiplayer duels
-Rich weapon, prop and dress choices.

Your phone is your gun, raise your phone to fire! You’re the next world’s top marksman! Win duels and collect reward money to customize your character at will. As you build your reputation, the real challenge from global shooter has just began…..

•Realistic “your-phone-is-your-gun” ,levelling, aiming, shooting, and reloading actions
•Play as a counter-strike
•Regular competitions and activities
•Rich weapon , prop and dress choices- you can customize your character from head to toe
•Different roles have different special combat abilities
•Scan friends’ QR codes can start duels quickly
•Play the game in English and Chinese

Mini Showdown is not your ordinary shooter. The interface is designed so that you use the phone as your actual gun. Hold the iPhone vertically and tilt from side to side to aim at your target. To reload your pistol, flip the phone downwards and tap to load your bullets as fast as you can. The aiming and reloading style takes some getting used to, but is unlike any other I have seen. It definitely makes the game more challenging, but also motivates you to win to add rewards to your player like instant reloads and dynamite packs. There is a bit of a wait during loading screens, but nothing unexpected with an online game. I would like to see the aiming feature tweaked a bit, but for the most part I was able to shoot where I wanted. Practice and speed is the real trick to the game, making it very re-playable.

Overall, I enjoyed playing Mini Showdown as a challenging and unique shooter. What is even better is it is free to download and available for iPhone and iPad.



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