Minimal Ringtones iPhone Review

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Packs of ringtones and sounds number in their hundreds, if not thousands on the iOS App Store, with every possible combination of noises, music and more available to download. The problem with many of them, however is that the apps they appear in are often horrendous to use and navigate and filled with either poor quality sounds or a massive amount of dross.

Minimal Ringtones is, luckily, one of the better ringtone apps on iPhone.

It is always difficult to find that perfect ringtone, and you can spend so much time in apps trying to find something that is a little bit unique but also functional. I suspect that many people, after having gone through all the comedy and music tones available, end up reverting to one of the default tones that Apple provide.

Minimal Ringtones provides quality ringtones that are actually suitable for everyday use, and no you won’t have to download thousands to find the right one, as the app provides 5 tones for free, with a total of 50 available if you grab the IAP.

This approach means that you can easily get the perfect tone for your phone, and I have to say that all the tones are of a genuine high quality. Here, in the words of the developer are the app’s best features:

☯ 50 Beautiful ringtones to choose from.

☯ Make your phone sound totally unique.

☯ Easily sample each available ringtone.

☯ Each individually crafted with care.

☯ Tones can also be used for notifications.

☯ Comes with simple installation instructions.

☯ Comes with five free ringtones!

The ringtones are presented in an attractive interface that stays true to the minimalist stylings of the rest of the app. Tones are easy to find and download(via email), and you can assign them to phone calls or notifications.

If there is a downside, it is that I wish that more ringtones could be made free, say 10 for free, but this is a small gripe. The main issue here is that Apple doesn’t allow users to directly download ringtones, for whatever reason, so this is something to bear in mind with ringtone apps in general, although it is in no way the developer’s fault, and this app even includes a simple instruction video.

Overall, this a beautifully presented app that approaches ringtones from an interesting angle, and as it is free to download, I suggest giving it a whirl.

Minimal Ringtones - Hum Interactive


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