Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery iPhone Review

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Miriel's Enchanted Mystery - 10tons LtdTime management games are a staple in the app store. If done incorrectly, it can be one mess of a game. But tie in interesting characters, a fairy tale like story with multiple mini games, and you’ve got one successful app.

Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery is the follow-up title to Miriel the Magical Merchant. This time Miriel is trying to solve the mystery of an ancient egg artifact. To gather clues and unravel the story behind the egg, Miriel must use her enchanted powers to create goods in her shop to earn money and hone her skills for this mystical adventure.

Like many time management games, the user must navigate the character around the shop, being sure to serve customers quickly to keep them happy and earn the most money. As products and spells are added to the store it becomes more challenging to meet customers’ orders and the goals of each level. What Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery has going for it that other games like this do not is an interesting storyline. The mystery of the egg artifacts’ origin is very intriguing and breaks up the monotony of working in the shop. It motivates the player to continue to meet the level goals to pay for Miriel’s trips and further her journey. Every clue is only a small piece of the puzzle, so you definitely have to work to earn the information. Along the way you have the opportunity to buy spells and items to add to the store and aid you with production from the traveling merchant. There are also fun things that can be unlocked and bought for the user’s personal use. Such as actual recipes you can make at home for goodies like cookies or homemade mac n’ cheese.

To gain information you must get people to help you by doing favors for them or obtaining items they need by working in the shop. You are also asked to help find items in certain areas every so often. This is done by a kind of Highights Magazine hidden picture style, where there is an outdoor scene and you must find pieces to certain artifacts. This is definitely not my favorite part of the game. The pieces are tiny and sometimes blend in too much with the background. I usually have to resort to just tapping all over the picture and hope I find all of the pieces. Not difficult, but just seems like an unnecessary side game.

Miriel travels to four unique locations, building her business and getting involved with helpful, and not so helpful characters. The storyline remains interesting and working in the shop is fun. I also like the hand-drawn like illustrations in the game. It was different and well done. The gameplay is smooth and even when operating under a speed spell, Miriel moved quickly with no glitches. In fact, I was able to play for hours without so much as a hiccup in the game.

Miriel’s Enchanted Mystery is a delightful game full of surprises that are all for the players’ advantage. It’s a mystical and challenging gem of a game and will keep you entertained for hours for the mere price of $2.99 in the app store.

Miriel's Enchanted Mystery - 10tons Ltd


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