Mixies: 2048 iPhone Review

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itunes iconA new theme has appeared in the App Store these days. Tile and number games are popping up just about everywhere you look. Some of them great, others, not so. I am always up for the challenge of a good number game and am willing to try them all out. Mixies: 2048 by Smotch Games, LLC had me intrigued from the very first screen, and I can NOT put it down.

Mixies: 2048  is a tile matching game that challenges you to sum up the tiles and clean up the puzzle. Here is the app’s full description:

If you like 2048 games, you’ll love Mixies: 2048!Mixies 2048 image 2

With gorgeous looking gameplay, lovely sounds and music, a beautiful interface including day/night themes,
Mixies: 2048 is one of the best looking puzzle games you will find in the Google Play Store.

You can unlock cute little friends called Mixies by completing achievements, and visit them afterwards in their natural habitat, the Mixie Garden.

Can you collect them all before your friends do?!


• No banner ads!
• Gorgeous looking gameplay
• Beautiful interface, including day/night themes
• Unlockable achievements (Mixie Garden)
• 4×4 and 5×5 Grids
• Keeps track of your gameplay stats
• Share your high scores and Mixie Garden with your friends
• Save and resume your game later
• Carefully crafted sound and music for best playing experience

We love hearing from you! If you have any suggestions or comments, please email us at support@SmotchGames.com

Follow us on Twitter at @SmotchGames, Instagram @smotchgames or like us on Facebook at facebook.com/SmotchGames.

We are dedicated to bringing you the best possible 2048 gaming experience!

We begin with a blank board and a couple of 2 tiles. Simply swipe, and the tiles shift in the direction simultaneously. Match tiles of the same number and they increase the number, two twos make 4, two fours make 8, and up and up. Keep sliding the tiles to match them up and watch the numbers increase, clearing the board and in turn adding more tiles. As long as you keep going, the game keeps going, unlocking achievements which reward you in little characters called Mixies. Each Mixie has different features and once collected, can be viewed in the Mixie Garden.

The app also has two sizes of boards to choose from, 4×4 and 5×5. Themes can also be changed from day to night, which is a nice touch, especially when playing in the evening. The music is light and inviting, and though it repeats, it doesn’t get repetitive and annoying like a lot of other games can be. There are some ads here and there but nothing that interrupts the game play, so they are barely noticeable. If you wish to play without the ads, there is an in-app purchase to remove them permanently.

Smotch Games has created a delightfully simple, yet addicting game that is sure to be a staple on everyone’s phone once discovered. Mixies: 2048 is available for free in the App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.


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