Moshi Monsters: Buster’s Lost Moshlings iPhone Review

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Moshi Monsters: Buster's Lost Moshlings - Penguin Books

The App Store is full of tools and great games for anyone on the go, but there are more than just adult applications to be had.  iOS has also become one of the great places to bring educational apps and games to their wonderful devices, and kids everywhere are trading in their Game Boys. With some of the most well-known names in children’s products bringing ideas to the table, your little one is sure never to be bored again. One website,, has been super popular among school age children. It allows you to adopt a virtual monster that you can take care of in the Moshi Monster world. Coming now to iPhone is a search game based on the monsters and their world.

In Moshi Monster’s: Buster’s Lost Moshlings the Moshi Monsters are lost and Buster Bumblechops is desperately trying to find them. This puzzle solver takes a Where’s Waldo approach to the popular Moshi Monster genre. To begin the app leads in with a cute, yet nice looking intro about the peaceful Moshi Monsters and the return of the terrorizing villain Dr. Strangeglove who wants to turn the Moshlings into Glumps. Buster must get to the Moshlings before Strangeglove does. Of course he needs your help. You are then directed to a row of doors each leading to a different scene of Monstro City. Each door has a list of Moshi Monsters to find, and three different modes of play to find them. Tracker mode helps younger players by allowing Buster to help you, while Explorer mode lets you search on your own. There is also a Time Challenge mode that gives you the same number of monsters to find, but under a short time limit.

Complete each door by finding the Moshlings in each mode, winning trophies for the trophy cabinet and collecting Moshlings for the Moshling Zoo. Once the first two scenes are complete a third door will unlock to Simon Growl’s house as a bonus scene. As you search you will also find hidden animation in each scene that you can activate by touching.

It’s all brought to you by Sunbird Books, and over all it is successfully put together, and the characters are very fun to look at. It essentially hooks you in while combing the landscapes for lost monsters, but ultimately leaves you wondering if it isn’t all just about the moola. For starters, it only comes with the first two levels for free. You can unlock the third one by completing the first two, which is easily done, but that is as far as you will get unless you fork over $.99 for each additional level. There are four more scenes available for purchase, but after finishing the others, I wasn’t impressed enough to buy any more. They do try to make it difficult to find the Moshlings, hiding them so well as to only show an ear or specific feature on most among a giant picture cluttered with Moshlings. But once you find the first few, they kinda came up in the same spots over and over, which made it a lot less difficult. It would definitely be a challenge for younger age groups, but there isn’t much there for replay value. Another aggravating feature, was the inability to zoom out and view the whole scene. You can only scroll around and hope you see something resembling what you are looking for.

I would recommend this for younger age groups that are Moshi Monster super fans. Just be forewarned that the full game is far from $.99.

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Moshi Monsters: Buster's Lost Moshlings - Penguin Books


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