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The MotorMouth app for iPhone and Android, available from both the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play store, is an interesting example of an app, as it is a really good idea that just hasn’t been picked up by the general public yet.

It is a shame, as the app really does deserve more attention than it is currently getting, as the app is a super intelligent extension of what a social network can be, a network not based on photos and statuses, but instead is based on the real voices of its users.

The simple, yet brilliant, idea behind the app is that you record a voice sample, which can then be listened to anyone in your area, who can see it as a pin on a map. You listen to somebody’s voice recording, and can then choose to follow them(if you have registered an account), or to ignore the user in the future.

It is very clever, and the voices play instantly, and the potential uses for this are massive. You could get help and travel advice, comedy routines and much, much more. You can choose the range of users you see, from locals, hundreds of miles away or even worldwide. Tapping a pin will play that voice, or clicking the larger ‘play’ icon at the top of the screen will play all the current voices in range, like a aural slide show.screen568x568 (12)

Here, straight from the developer, is their description:

MotorMouth! Record your voice wherever you are so it can be heard by everyone who passes by.

Sit back and listen to what’s happening around you in real-time instead of trying to search for something in a maze of irrelevant information. As you travel, you’ll be treated to a stream of the freshest audio clips made right near wherever you are.

Now we’re talkin’!

The app is gorgeous to look at and incredibly easy to use, and anyone who uses it will be up and away, recording their voice very quickly. Yet, there is one big problem with the app; a problem that actually isn’t the fault of the app at all, but is due to it being very young indeed, and that is a lack of users.

Using the app in the UK, there were only three audio clips to be found, and even changing the range to worldwide only adds a dozen or so extra clips. Obviously, this kind of app lives or dies on the content provided by its users, of which there are painfully few at the moment. As with many things like this, a core of active users keep passive users interested.

Of course, the only way to solve this is for as many people as possible to get the app, which we highly recommend that you do: it is completely free to download and use, so click that App Store link and get this interesting new social app on your iPhone right now.


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