Movie Awards Trivia iPhone Review

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Movie Awards Trivia - Movie Trivia Apps

The Academy Awards are coming up and it’s time to get parties planned and Oscar nominee features watched. Movie buffs of all kind will look forward to seeing who wins and adding the stats to their never ending movie knowledge. And just as there is an all things Oscar app for this year, there is also one for the past. Now exercise that movie muscle in your brain with Movie Awards Trivia.

Movie Awards Trivia tests your Oscar knowledge of years’ past. With 1,000 multiple choice questions, and 4,000 images from Best Actor/Actress and Picture nominees. The questions are varied and span a wide range of years from 1920s to present.

To begin the app you pick a category. You can choose from specific years, Best Actor/Actress/Picture or play all which will give you a random selection of all. Once selected the app will begin a series of questions with multiple choice answers shown along with pictures of each actor and movie. Just check the answer box or boxes and hit the answer button to submit. A timer will be counting you down so answer quick for the best score.

Movie Awards Trivia has an innovative question tracking system so the questions stay random. While I played the app I can definitely say the questions didn’t repeat. This kept it fresh and interesting while also making me pay attention. I did notice there were a lot of questions that asked for 3 selections out of 4, which made it a little easier to get a portion right.

The app also has a slide show detailing the complete history of the nominees and winners in the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Picture categories. This is great to help study for the trivia questions, especially for the earlier years that were more difficult for me.

Movie Awards Trivia is great for any movie buff or Academy Award trivia junkie. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It’s available in the App Store now, on sale for only $.99. But hurry, it’s only on sale until February 26th.


Movie Awards Trivia - Movie Trivia Apps


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